Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Benefits of Racism and Why I Agree with Education as Reparation

Racism is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that consider the human species to be divided into races with shared traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics, and especially the belief that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others, or that members of different races should be treated differently.

Racism is great. Why do you ask? You don't even have to be racist to benefit from its effects!! I went to a prodominantly white university. When we graduated, I wondered, "Where are all the white girls I went to school with?"  They weren't with my girlfriends and I looking for jobs and then finding jobs for $12.00/hr which really crushed my Different World perspective of life. We just knew that when we graduated we would be making too much money and working ideal jobs. Nope! That did not happen. Most of us worked jobs out of our fields and did not use the degrees that we obtained. Not immediately anyway.  So where were Susie and Janie?  People must understand that though slavery ended long ago, there are benefits of the system that still exist. There is deep seated wealth that still assists our fellow white brothers and sisters today. Many black families are still experiencing "First One In the Family to Go to College" syndrome where someone one is literally the first one to attend university.  Most white families have looonnngggg experienced this accomplishment but because of the set up of Amerikkka that denied education to our ancestors, we are still experiencing this feat. Though an accomplishment, it is questionable that though black enrollment at colleges is higher than its been, so is the cost of the college education. College is sorely expensive and does not have a huge return on the investment. It seems as though physical slavery has ended but financial slavery is here to stay.  Reparations are a touchy subject, especially for people who already think all black people get welfare and that welfare is our reparation. Reparations are given to "repair" the damage that has been done to a people.  Welfare has not repaired our people, it has often destabilized blacks and set us even further back. Welfare made many women remove the husbands out of the home so that the children could eat. Welfare initiated the separation that is so embedded in our culture. Why do I believe in eduational reparation? It will give black people a TRUE starting ground. It will repay the governments "40 Acres and a Mule" promise that was never fulfilled.  Not to mention that other groups of people have and still receive reparations (American Indians don't pay taxes and receive numerous benefits).  I am not mad at America. I am disappointed that a country who has clear documentation of dibilitating a group of people do not want to assist those people to become better. America knows that she is wrong for what she has done to black people.  Nothing will be right until this is admitted, freely and without adding negativity about blacks into the conversation.

Black Woman Blues

I am tired of the box. The box that people put black women in. Images of Sharkeisha and nem have flooded social media and television and people really believe that all black women are ticking time bombs ready to roll our necks and pop a nigga in the face at every second. All of us have god-awful 48 inch weaves and wear club dresses just to go pick up our children from school. We are fat, loud and abrasive. We kick puppies and loathe babies. We don't celebrate holidays and Jesus is our husband.


Yes! Sharkeisha's do exist but there are so many counter images to this in real life that the paradox is unnerving.  Most of the black women that I know and associate with are very giving women who would give their last breath for the ones they love. Most black women I know are articulate, beautiful in spirit, well-wounded individuals who don't identify with K-Michelle or any other random chick that VH1 has hired to continue this legacy of the ticking time bomb black woman. Television is a medium that tells lies on a daily basis. Images are created in order to make others judge and have opinions of people that would not have had they not viewed said television program. Look at the Housewives of Atlanta. Almost every single woman on the show has the financial responsibility of her relationship. I am not saying that women in a relationship should not make more than her man. What I am saying is that this is the relationship that is promoted and allowed to be consumed as normal.  I know black women who are very well taken care of by their husbands. This is America, some women are more financially stable than their man. This is the reality of many couples, black AND white. Yet, conveniently only the black housewives franchise shows this type of relationship.  It is amazing how television shapes our attitudes and minds towards each other. I've had to catch myself in judging others because of promoted stereotypes. All white women are not sweet and beautiful. All black women are not evil and mean.  All white men are not smart and rich.  All black men are not players and punks. Stereotypes are the enemy.  The belief of the stereotype is the demise.  If we count on television and social media to tell our stories..they will not be told, or they will be told with such untruths that they will misrepresent us. I am a black woman. I read biographies and love Salvador Dali. I listen to Tupac and Nirvana. I read business magazines and I don't watch Scandal.  We are mothers, sisters, friends, wives, lovers and scholars. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, musicians. We are not the evil, backstabbing, unattractive, unlovable beings that we are painted to be. It is my mission to tell the world that we are more than what they see...and if they don't believe it....that is their problem.